Bongabon Water District (BWD), Bongabon Nueva Ecija was awarded the Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) No. 410 on August 28, 1989 by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). This CCC is the accreditation of LWUA to a newly-formed water district to operate under the standard specification.

The members of the Board of Directors of Bongabon Water District appointed Mr. Danilo Y. Gamilla as the General Manager of Bongabon Water District, who then started to follow-up the loan from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) and to have full supervision and control of the maintenance and operation of Water District facilities.

BWD availed from LWUA a Php 3.5 M loan in March 1994 for the construction of its water supply system. The project included the drilling of deep well, construction of a 75 CUM capacity elevated steel tank, transmission and distribution lines and other appurtenances. BWD had an initial pipelaying of 5 kms covering portion of the following barangays: Commercial, Mantile, Rizal, San Roque, Sisilang, and Social. The mentioned barangays are referred to as part of the Poblacion.

Mr. Danilo Y. Gamilla was supported by three other staff who with small amount of compensation took the challenge of operating a small water district with limited funds and resources. During his term as General Manager Mr. Gamilla was able to start up 253 service connections from the start of its operation in the April, 1995 until the year 1996. The total number of service connections increased gradually to a total of 588 service connections in the year 1999 and in the year 2000 the number of service connection reached to 644 households covering portion of the following Barangays: Sinipit Sampalucan Kaingin and Rizal. He was also able to revive the well at Brgy Sinipit and in the compound of the Bongabon Central School to serve as an additional water source. On 1998 Mr. Gamilla was able to accomplish and to process pertinent documents for the ADB/LWUA Small Town Expansion Project proposal amounting to Php 14.99 M. On September 2000, Mr. Gamilla passed away and upon appointment of the Board of Directors of the Bongabon Water District and confirmation of the LWUA he was replaced by his son Danilo R. Gamilla II.

In the year 2001, BWD availed from LWUA a Php 1.2 M loan for Pipeline Extension project of 2.5 kms for portion of Brgy. New Era, and Brgy. Curva.

In the year 2002, BWD was able to put up an additional 4.8 kms pipeline in Brgy. Vega. A separate water supply system in the said barangay was obtained using the Water District’s own savings by reviving an abandoned Magsaysay well in the area.

It was in 2003, that the ADB/LWUA Small Town Project that was previously processed by the late GM Danilo Y. Gamilla was released to the Water District by the LWUA. The loan amounted to Php 17.521 M including the capitalized interest, Construction and Supervision Cost, Engineering Studies and Design, UPVC Pipes including freight advertisement and the 10% retention, Commitment Charges, Forex Adjustment but was only able to utilize Php 12.7 M for the Georesistivity and construction of a 100 CUM elevated steel tank in Brgy. Cruz, Pumping Station in Brgy. Sinipit, structure improvement of pumping equipment, water treatment equipment, a deep well, a 93 KVA Generator Set. An additional Pipeline Extension of 9.10 kms was obtained by the district in the following barangays: Sinipit, Cruz, Santor, and some portion of Curva. The District also completed the pipelaying of barangays not yet fully covered by the Bongabon Water District’s Water System.

During the last quarter of 2003, another Pipeline Extension project of 2.5 kms. was obtained in Trinidad Village in Brgy. Magtanggol.

During the second quarter of 2004, they interconnect Poblacion to Vega and on the last quarter of 2004, after realizing the need for an additional water source to meet the demands of the consumers, the Bongabon Water District availed of the remaining loan in the amount of more or less Php 2.15 M for the drilling of one exploratory/production well and electromechanical equipment in Brgy. Magtanggol, this became operational on July 2005.

At present the Bongabon Water District has 4 dedicated and hardworking employees, it has more or less 24341 kms of Pipelines installed in 26 Barangays; 2 elevated steel tanks, and 9 pumping stations. As of December 2014 the Water District has a total number of 3470 service connections, total assets of Php 30,590,589.16 total liabilities of Php 18,300,778.06 and its monthly amortization amounted to Php 305,253.00 with the Development Bank of the Philippines, Cabanatuan City.

Through the hard work, dedication and coordination of BWD’s Management and staff, the Water District was able to maximize its potential by using its able resources to achieve its goal and objective of providing the best water supply services that is accessible, uninterrupted, safe and potable to the residents of Bongabon, Nueva Ecija.

Bongabon Water District will always strive to achieve its vision of providing the best service to the whole area of Bongabon Nueva Ecija.